1 - "Camille Claudel, la mariée de l’oubli" from Charlotte Landreau, soilist at the Martha Graham Dance Company, New York

 “I had the good fortune early on in my career to get involved in a new collaborative project undertaken by these two artists. Working with Anne Vadagnin was a great experience for me, and her teaching continues to influence my work. She and Valérie Lacaze instilled in me the importance of phrasing eye-movements and smiling on stage, and made me aware of the sound of movement.  Their interaction was silent yet extremely intense.  Dance and music were mutually supportive, enhancing one another. The choreography took into account not only our bodies, our personalities and the way we moved, but also our souls.

All I can say is that for them dance is synonymous with a dialogue between open minds and hearts, music and life.”


2 - " Qualia ou La vie d'artiste "  from Simonefrederick SCACCHETTI, dancer with Theater Regensburg, Germany

 “We are driven to our limits.

It’s a journey that begins in an ordinary dance studio. There are two pairs of eyes but only one path: the choreographer and you.

You get tossed around, carried into another space dimension. You suffer on account of a story that isn’t your story.

You cry and laugh, and find love in a life that’s not your own. Your brain can no longer tell the difference between dreams and reality. Your soul is filled with ecstasy and your eyes are blinded by an explosion of colour.

It’s not just a question of putting on some trousers and a tie and going on stage. It’s not just stretching your feet, closing your fifths or doing a good pirouette. It’s not just that. And to all those who think it’s just that, let me say: I’ll continue my life as an artist.”





3 - "Two Artists" by Michel Gascard, director of Ecole-atelier Rudra Béjart, Lausanne

“Meeting these two artists, Valérie Lacaze and Anne Vadagnin, has been an eye opener for me, both from a human and an artistic point of view.

They reinforced my focus on the importance of working together in a spirit of respect and openness. Today, this helps me in positioning the l’Ecole-Atelier Rudra Béjart, Lausanne.

Their combined creative energies enable them to bring out powerful productions.

The soundness of their ideas and the topics they choose always bring us closer to humanity and encourage us to reflect upon the struggles of the world.

Valérie’s choreographic language is always sincere and original.

Anne’s energy and her musical sensitivity never fail to move.

An artist’s life forever oscillates between an inferiority complex and a superiority complex.

Valerie and Anne have the strength of character to carry out their work independently, and the courage and self-confidence not to be influenced by the hedonism of our times. They are extremely professional and productive.

Through their partnership they fire each other’s imaginations; they are galvanised and at the same time stabilised.

Anne Vadagnin is a great musician and virtuoso. Her improvisations have allowed her to extend her musical sensitivity to dance. Her work is a fine example of how to unite music and dance.

Valérie Lacaze has developed an amazing approach to photography. Her focus is accurate and precise, her light is always subtle and she captures the look in people’s eyes with intelligence.

She’s always on a journey of discovery.



4 - "Camille Claudel, la mariée de l'oubli" from Marie-Claire, an engineer, who attended a performance in April 2012

“I attended the press preview of La mariée de l'oubli and felt rather intimidated with so many privileged people in the audience.

As soon as the curtain rose I was captured by the music of the overture, a street organ refrain that carried me into end-of-nineteenth-century Paris. I was deeply moved by the choreography and the accuracy of the young dancers’ interpretation.

I discovered a new facet of contemporary dance - it was as intelligible and readable as a story.

The performance inspired sentiments of generosity and humanity.

It was such a shame that only a few people were able to share this experience.

Thank you Anne and Valérie for this marvellous life-enriching gift.”


5 - "Camille Claudel, la mariée de l'oubli" from Zoé Decker, a journalist

“It’s a stunning piece by a new generation of artists: choreography by Valérie Lacaze with original music by Anne Vadagnin.

Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin, a story of impossible love, the meeting of two artists, two sculptors from different generations but driven by a unique and same desire, that of recreating the human body. They fall in love and drag each other down into the abyss. With her refined and harmonious choreographic language, Valérie Lacaze manages to translate stone into flesh.”


6 - "Qualia ou la vie d'artiste" from MJ Latorre, a journalist

“Valérie Lacaze, the choreographer and stage director, shows that the expression  of inner strength is a necessary catharsis and lies at the heart of her mysteriously inexplicable and intuitively creative work.

Qualia ou la vie d'artiste is a powerful piece of work with a powerful theme. It’s about people, but focuses on their minds. Every detail, whether a gesture or an aspect of costume, has a meaning.

The choreography sublimates the performance into a work of universal symbolic art.”


7 - "Qualia ou la vie d'artiste" from Rolland Massabuau, a journalist

“Audiences of 8,000 People every Night at the Roman Arena in Nîmes

Qualia ou la vie d'artiste is on until the middle of next week. The 32,000 tickets for these performances are already sold out.

In this creation choreographed by Valérie Lacaze, which evokes the four eras of western civilisation, the dialogue which takes place between dance, water and music is based on an original score composed by Anne Vadagnin.

As the scenes develop, one can hear all kinds of styles merging together: from Haendel to Pink Floyd, from Charles Aznavour to Léo Ferré, and from tunes from Jacques Offenbach to texts by Raymond Devos. Emotion and poetry are the sources of inspiration of Qualia ou la vie d'artiste.”


8 - "Qualia ou la vie d'artiste" from Muriel Plantier, a journalist

“Thirty-two young future virtuosi danced a succession of romantic and amusing scenes combining technique and gracefulness, classical moves and stylistic pirouettes. There is no doubt that Valérie Lacaze, the choreographer and stage director, was well aware of the qualities of her dancers. That’s to be expected, she’s an accomplished photographer and a versatile artist.

Her creation, Qualia ou la vie d'artiste, is at times delightfully subversive about art. Its solos and group dances are well-written and extremely dynamic.

When the piece opens, the Artist is alone on stage. He is joined by an angel and then by a demon, then by a lover and shortly, as he struggles with his inspiration, by a compulsive shopper who dances the Charleston proclaiming: I don’t like starving artists, they never really manage to carry it off and usually end up dying.” Then he is blackballed by war, fascism, and finally Death.

Meanwhile, with notes from Haendel’s Dixit Dominus, Charles Aznavour’s La Bohème, Raymond Devos’ sketch L'artiste, Léo Ferré’s La vie d'artiste, and Money by Pink Floyd, different atmospheres are created ranging from a circus number to an alley in New York’s Central Park. It also provides an ideal context for reviving Keith Haring, the famous pop art painter, surrounded by his monochrome silhouettes in movement.

And then there’s the strange and striking image of a black angel that brings together all these characters under a gigantic wedding veil.”


9 - "Your compositions" from Tristan Trys, musician

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10 - "Camille Claudel, la mariée de l'oubli" from Hervé Gérard, editor


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11 - " Nuages et pluie " from Maiss Feng, director of The National Ballet of China - Beijing

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