Valérie Lacaze and Anne Vadagnin have been creating works alone or with other artists for many years. Their privileged collaboration is not restrictive.  They are free to accept new ventures and challenges. So far, they have worked with musicians, choreographers, film directors, and video game producers.  Indeed, they encourage each other to develop their respective capacities.   Their creations are registered with the Association of Swiss Authors.





2015 / 2016






Anne Vadagnin continues to record her new album.


She also composed two new musics : one for a  "Tiroler Landestheater" Cie's dancer in Austria and one for the 2018 audition's promotion of the Rudra Béjart's School.




Valérie Lacaze just created a new shooting of  "Choreo-photography" : “The principle of choreo-photography is the association of choreography and photography, my two professions. I create shootings which I prepare like choreographic research: the themes, the music, the costumes, the stage design and the decor. I then carry out a shooting session which may last several hours non-stop, and during which I lead the dancers as we go along. I am interested in the photography of movement because movement is Life in its truest sense. I am guided almost instinctively by the dancers’ vital pulsations which I perceive instantly or even anticipate.”























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Mars to June 2017 Anne Vadagnin records her new album !















































January & July 2017 : The "Winter Program" and the "Summer program" of the Martha Graham School in New-York invited Anne Vadagnin as guest musician.
The dancers and teachers deeply appreciated her work and asked her to come back again !




Anne Vadagnin composed the commercial's musics of the medical group "Ardentis".




Valérie Lacaze created in July a new choreography in Beijing- China "Nuages et pluie" for The National Ballet of China.

Miss Feng,  director of the company,  adds this creation to her Cie's programm.

World première in 2017 at the Tanqiao Theater in Beijing.






May 2017 : Valérie Lacaze creates " Guigui ", a new choreography.


Premiere for the National Day of Dance 2017 on May 5th - ABRI Theater -Geneva

At the "International Jeunes Ballets Festival" on May 11th - BFM Theater - Geneva

The audiences gave an ovation to this creation !















Anne Vadagnin adapted for piano solo " Les oiseaux" from Manos Hadjidakis for a Rudra Béjart's performance.

She is actually composing several original musics and new creations for Valérie Lacaze's choreograpbies ( 2016-2017 productions).



A standing ovation for Valérie Lacaze's choreography "Le faune était une femme" at the  "Cape Dance Festival" of New-York on July 23d.






Valérie Lacaze created a 9mn30 solo " The faun was a women " for Charlotte Landreau, dancer at the Martha Graham Dance Cie.
World premiere in New-York on October  7th.

At the  "Cape Dance Festival" of New-York on July 23d.







We are jury's members of the  "International Dance Competition Petipa" in Canada from May 26th to 31st.

Anne Vadagnin did a 15 minutes improvisation during the competition's Galas at the "Grand Theatre de Quebec".

Valérie Lacaze presented  "Tango Mauve", "Léo" and the duet  "Ton dernier voyage" during the Gala.
The solists of the Capitole Ballet de Toulouse, direction Kader Berlarbi, the Ballet Jazz of Montreal, the solists fo the Grands Ballets Canadiens performed in the same gala.


Our creation " Muji " inspired by our last trips in China is danced on February 28th at the  Rolex Learning Center EPFLausanne during the «ᅠChinesee Spring Festival Gala in Switzerlandᅠ».


Our creation " Tango mauve " is danced on March 5th- 2015 for the Women's day at the  UNITED NATIONS - Geneva.

We offer the copyrights for this exceptional charity organization.




On the left : Kader Belarbi, danseur étoile ¨Paris Opera, Jacques Marsa from Paris Opera, Joelle Henry soilist with John Neumeier and Grands Ballets Canadiens, Valérie Lacaze and Anne Vadagnin.


Center : Anne Vadagnin playing in live


On the right  : "Ton dernier voyage" choreography Valérie Lacaze, Gala of the Grand Theatre de Quebec





6 solos for dance competitions


Choreographies by Valérie Lacaze

Original musics by Anne Vadagnin

International Dance Competition Petipa in Montreal-Canada


International Dance Competition in Durbuy-Barvaux - Belgium


International Dance Competition Petipa in Bruxelles-Belgium





"A mundo condito"


( more details )



Original creation for the Women's Day  at the United Unions in Geneva.






"Qualia ou la vie d'artiste"    "Qualia or the artist's life"


(more details )


Choreography and music for the amphitheatre of Nîmes-France

( Audience : 32'000 )


Tanqiao Theater of Beijing - China

( Audience : 4'000  )

Duet  "The Poet and the death "

Biger on Youtube

"La Bohème, the Poet and his Muse "  Duet & group

Biger on Youtube

"Camille Claudel, la mariée de l'oubli"


(More details)



Choreography and original music for the  50 anniversary at the Mission of Switzerland to the European Union -  National Theater of Bruxelles - Belgium

Audience : 850


20' anniversary of the Rudra Béjart School at the Barnabé Theater.

Audience : 650


Italian tour : Pavia, Reggio di Calabria, Como

Audience : 4'800


Press preview - Vidy Lausanne Theater


Pas-de-deux "Camille & Rodin"

Grand format sur Youtube

"Camille's workshop"

Biger on Youtube

"Camille Claudel, the confinement"

Biger on Youtube

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